Preparing & Sizing your Electronic File Images      HELP PAGE 1
                                                                                  Suncoast Virtual

File dimensions:

Computer monitors and electronic projectors use a rectangular window.
Therefore, we have a difference in the maximum horizontal and vertical dimensions.
Traditional 35mm slide projectors have a square window and can project
a horizontal or vertical composition image with the same dimensions.
The equipment used for judging this Exhibition Salon uses 1024 X 768 resolution.
The image must fit into this window. (1024 X 768)

The horizontal dimension must not be greater that 1024 pixels.
The vertical dimension must not be greater than 768 pixels.

Smaller images are acceptable.
The images will be projected as received

 Use this procedure for scanned slides or prints, or images from a Digital Camera.

 In Photoshop or your favorite Image Editing Software:

1.  Crop your image for best composition.


            a. Make sure constrain proportions is checked

            b. Make sure resample image is checked

            c. For Horizontal composition photographs:

                      Set width to1024 pixels or smaller.
                     Height will automatically adjust to the correct proportion.
                     Images that were scanned from 35mm film will have a 3:2 ratio.
                     In this case the vertical dimension will adjust to 2/3 of the horizontal size.
                     For images that are cropped to other ratios, the height may
                     exceed 768 pixels after adjusting the width to 1024 pixels.
                     In this case the height must be adjusted to 768 pixels or less.
                     The width will automatically adjust itself to keep the same proportion.

            d. Square composition images:

                    As we continue to crop the width of a horizontal composition image,
                     it will eventually reach a point where the width equals the height.
                    The same holds true if we crop a vertical composition image until
                    it reaches a point where the height equals the width. (we have a square image).
                    The image must fit into this window (1024 X 768).

            e. For Vertical composition photographs:

                      Set height to 768 pixels or smaller.
                      Width will automatically adjust to correct proportion.

   3.       The Suncoast Virtual Exhibition has TWO sections:
             A. General (Open)
             B. Creative (Altered Reality)

Set your Color Space to sRGB for Projected Electronic Images
Use a JPEG quality of 70-80 %

If you use Photoshop, use
"File Save for Web"

Please keep your JPEG image size under 350 Kb.

Test Image:
The Test Image shows the three RGB color strips and a Grayscale.

The test image should show 21 different shades of black/gray/white. The 0%
gray rectangle should be black. The 5% rectangle should be slightly lighter
than black.  The 100% gray rectangle should be pure white. The 95% gray
rectangle should be slighly darker than white.Your images should be set to sRGB for best projection.