by Nick Muskovac
The milkweed plant is a great place for the adult Monarch butterfly to deposits its eggs.  When the eggs hatch the caterpillars emerge.  The tiny creature shown in Figure 1 at the right is less that one inch long.

The caterpillar feeds on the milkweed plant and in a few days may double its size as shown in Figure 2 at the right.

The caterpillars have been attaching themselves to the front of my house and weaving their pupae (chrysalis).  The sequence of photos shown below in Figures 3a, 3b, and 3c were taken over a period of just a few minutes.

Another butterfly in Figure 4 at the right was about to emerge from a chrysalis above my front door.  You can see part of its wing because the chrysalis has started to become transparent.  The Monarch chrysalis goes through several changes in color during its nature cycle.

In Figure 5 at the right, the miracle of nature is about to happen. The Monarch slowly emerges from its chrysalis and spreads its wings.  It remains still for hours as it dries its wings and prepares for its first flight.

 In Figure 6 at the right, the Monarch is seen enjoying its first flower.

 In Figure 7 at the right, the Monarch is seen sitting on a flower stem and has spread its wings in its full splendor.

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